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Avoid This Major Project Management Pitfall PMP

Avoid This Major Project Management Pitfall

How many times have you been the “bottleneck”?

How many times have you been surprised by your client’s reaction to your ‘proposed plan’?

How many times have you lost the assignment – just at the tail end of the negotiation – which just ticked you off?!

Yesterday I was at home battling the cold that has been passed around the office for the last two days like some strange science experiment in a petri dish full of humans!

We’re right in the middle of a negotiation for a very important project (which project isn’t …. right?).

I’ve got calls coming and going.

Emails flying from my fingertips.




You name it…

Then it dawned on me…

I have an entire team working on a proposal for a client that they REALLY understand and all I have to do is field a few questions and trust their ability to deliver!

In hindsight – it wasn’t alway like this.  It was more about the budget, hitting the right number, adding up the spreadsheet and producing the right GANNT chart… now –

It’s about making good on our promises and promising what the client needs, wants and desires for the final outcome.

That’s easier said than done…

If you really want to streamline the process and secure the project – you need to listen to your clients frustrations – picture their future & craft a plan that:

1. Understands their goals – values & purpose
2. Treats them with the respect they deserve and values their input and opinion
3. Leads the project rather than simply responds to the “flavor of the week”.

It’s about leadership – not management.

And – there are VERY few project leaders in this world – But, we can change all that together!

Talk soon,

The anti-PMP guy,

PS:  I just realized the title of this message has the acronym PMP in it… so maybe it should have been titled… Avoid This Major PMP 🙂

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