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why beyond the project matters

Why Beyond The Project Matters

After one of the funniest and strangest Uber rides – I had a very productive meeting with a future client.  It was what wasn’t said in the beginning that really matters…

I went to go understand some upcoming projects – and the longer you’re in this business, the more apparent the technical solutions are always what the client wants from you…

Today – I hit a nerve and found out something profound…

I asked the big open ended question of “What is the magic sauce you need when you hire a consultant?”

His answer was quick – and it took two hits to really take it all in…

“Your expertise!”

I replied “That’s it… our technical ability to act as an extension of your stafff?  Really?  It’s not that simple, is it?”

“We hire consultants to be technical experts.  We’re hands off on the technical side… and hands on the contract administration side.”

“What does ‘hands on’ mean?” I questioned…

“Well, we rely on your recommendations – not your decisions – and we need to help coach you through the Council’s agenda.”

Now, we’re getting somewhere…

“What does that mean?”

Client – “It means our Council wants to be in control.  They want us to present findings and recommendations and ASK for their approval.” 

“We’ve seen consultants beat up in Council meetings when they take too strong a stand about the decisions they made.  The Council wants to be involved in EVERY decision.”

Well – there you have it… the difference between project management and project LEADERSHIP.

With this client our project LEADER will be looking at the big picture and helping the staff work in concert with the Council.  We’ll be proposing a leader than goes beyond the process and thinks ‘big picture’.

To learn more about project leadership and how to train your own staff to lead rather than manage – hit me up at [email protected] and I’ll let you know what it takes.

Talk soon,


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