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I Will Call All Ma'ams Ma'am and All Sirs Sir, Ma'am...

I Will Call All Ma’ams Ma’am and All Sirs Sir, Ma’am…

Monday January 29, 2018 9:35 AM Pacific [SACRAMENTO] Good morning! Ever had one of those days?  You know… the days where you call your superior officer “Sir” when it should have been “Ma’am”? It was a summer day in 1989 when this happened to me. You see, I was a Plebe at the United States Naval Academy, and the exact day escapes me.  I’m sure it escapes me because of the sleep deprivation and physical exhaustion at the time… but I digress. One of the requirements of Plebe is to “square corners” while jogging in place and greeting upperclass on […]
Butter Slime - clear slime - sparkle slime - oh my...

Butter Slime – clear slime – sparkle slime – oh my…

Bradley here, with a little question for you… When was the last time you really sat and watched a kid ‘create’?! My youngest daughter has been in the ‘slime’ business for about two years now.  She’s watched every YouTube training or special recipe known to man. She’s an expert! And… When she’s in a particularly ‘creative’ mood – she’ll ponder the next big feat! She’ll sit back and think…. Will it be butter slime this time? What about transparent (crystal clear slime)? Maybe, some glitter in this next batch? After she plans, she begins the complex process of mixing a […]

QuiVR – Ego vs Leadership

Last night was ‘date night’ with our kids… Let me explain – about 4 years ago my wife and I decided to spend a little quality time with our daughters.  We split the girls up and pair up (one kid to one parent) and go out on ‘dates’ with them.  We rotate kids every other ‘date’. This gives them time to spend alone with me…where I do my best to show them how gentlemen treat ladies (doors openned, planned evenings, their choices in meals, etc, etc.).  And, it gives my wife one-on-one time to talk girl stuff. Anyway… last night […]
What Do You Mean Its Not About Me?

What Do You Mean It’s Not About Me?

Would it surprise you if I don’t care about: + your resume + your education + your brilliant mind + the clever ideas you have IF we’re trying to land the next project! Leadership means knowing the difference between what matters and egocentric nonscense.  And, as were were just preparing for a couple multi-million dollar interviews for the next round of projects – this big idea was underscored… It’s not about you… + it’s about the client + it’s about the results the client wants + it’s about how those results make the client feel and… + if you’re headed […]
Harsh Criticism - Makes You Stronger?

Harsh Criticism – Makes You Stronger?

Here’s a rant for you lily-livered “managers”… Okay… let me paint a little picture for you… It’s annual review time and you’ve got a fledgling team that has promise.. It has the technical skill to the get the job done… But – it’s missing a few critical pieces… It’s missing predictable habits: You know, that stuff that makes it easy to work as a team?  Hitting deadlines, clearly communicating, and taking responsiblity for your role and reactions? and… It’s missing solid character:  That special stuff that oozes out when the going gets tough.  The commitment to carry on and do […]