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Checklist How Not To Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

[Checklist] How Not To Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

If you hate conflict – you’re gonna hate this message.  So, if you’re too weak – turn back now! Okay I warned you…. Have you ever had that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach? You know, the one that stops you from breaking the bad news to your client? Your boss? Your team? What if I told you that one of the biggest challenges design professional have is dealing with conflict? What if I told you there was one mindset hack that changes that awful feeling into a sign of good things to come? What if I could […]
Being Like United - Kicking People Off The Plane

Being Like United – Kicking People Off The Plane…

When was the last time you were kicked off a plane? Out of a store? Off a project? Probably never…. And – after watching the media and late night talk melee over the United debackle, we can see why! When our own personal initiatives get in the way of paying clients and customers – we’ve lost our way. While, I’m here to say that not every customer is always right – we should at least be focused on providing service and solutions to their problems. And… it is sometime necessary to fire some of your worst bosses, clients and customers […]

What Was Or What Could Be?

Simple question: What has more value…  + What was… or + What could be? The short answer?  What could be! That’s why it’s imperative to work out your change order before you actually start the work. Let’s take a quick look at this… let’s assume you’re designing a detention basin that’s designed to provide flood protection to an entire development – ensuring all the properties are outside the 100-year flood plain. (based on a true story) If you design the basin before the change order is negotiated… during the negotiation you’re bound to hear something like.. “I would have expected […]
Avoid This Major Project Management Pitfall PMP

Avoid This Major Project Management Pitfall

How many times have you been the “bottleneck”? How many times have you been surprised by your client’s reaction to your ‘proposed plan’? How many times have you lost the assignment – just at the tail end of the negotiation – which just ticked you off?! Yesterday I was at home battling the cold that has been passed around the office for the last two days like some strange science experiment in a petri dish full of humans! We’re right in the middle of a negotiation for a very important project (which project isn’t …. right?). I’ve got calls coming […]
why beyond the project matters

Why Beyond The Project Matters

After one of the funniest and strangest Uber rides – I had a very productive meeting with a future client.  It was what wasn’t said in the beginning that really matters… I went to go understand some upcoming projects – and the longer you’re in this business, the more apparent the technical solutions are always what the client wants from you… Today – I hit a nerve and found out something profound… I asked the big open ended question of “What is the magic sauce you need when you hire a consultant?” His answer was quick – and it took […]