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Do Not Use This Power For Evil

Don’t Use This Power For Evil

It was a crisp Bay Area Saturday morning, the dew was still on the grass and an ocean breeze was coming in off shore steady as we snuck down to the field – our pockets packed full for an adventure this second grader will never forget! Just moments earlier, my brother had convinced me to steal my mom’s keys from her purse, unlock the car door and turn the key to “accessories”. That’s when the pyromania began. Two knuckle-heads in our parents car trying to light Kleenex on fire with a cigarette lighter.  We mastered the light and extinguish after […]
I Don't Want To Survive I Want To Live

“I Don’t Want To Survive, I Want To Live.”

Do you feel like you’re simply hanging on by a thread? In the critically acclaimed movie ’12 Years A Slave’ we hear this famous quote “I don’t want to survive. I want to live.” – direct from Solomon Northrup’s 1853 book. It is said that Solomon believed changing to adapt to current conditions was dishonest and that this story begs for honesty. Like this book – I think our entire industry begs for honesty.  And, unfortunately in some cases that honesty is going to hurt some egos along the way. No matter how you slice it – integrity in every […]
how a simple cartoon saved the day

How A Simple Cartoon Saved The Day…

When was the last time your client praised you for an effective meeting? “Wow! We got so much done today…we should take the rest of the day off!” – J.Z. (client)   Here’s how it went down for our team today… The three of us entered City Hall for a politically charged and exciting project to do battle over work windows – utility relocations & accomodations for pedestrian traffic around a high profile and critically important project. As we entered the gauntlet – the stakes where high… We needed details. We needed commitments. We needed cooperation. As we got settled […]
Why I Don't Follow Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

Why I Don’t Follow Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Are you staring at the Kool-Aid waiting for Hale Bop to Come By? Have you been duped into the nonscense of Maslow’s Needs Triangle Something? Hate thinking for yourself? I saw it come across LinkedIn earlier today – a congratulatory statement of how proud the leadership at a national firm was for the 6th graduating class of their internal leadership program… So – someone needs to take this on straight up… Get ready to be offended – shocked – disapppointed or feeling duped. First… did you realize that Maslow as an athiest and ALL of this teachings and findings eliminate […]
all project managers are tools

All Project Managers Are Tools…

So, you wanna be the best project manager on the planet? You wanna make a real difference for your team and client? Then stop being a project manager – right now! Let me tell you a little story about a simple proposal kickoff meeting I had this week… We had the discipline leads on the phone. We had a solid discussion of the technical challenges of the project. We had a long back and forth about the scope and potential fee for the project… Then – at the end of the hour long (too long in my humble opinion) death […]