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I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday For A Hamburger Today

I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday For A Hamburger Today…

When does being agreeable equate to bank rolling your clients project? Here’s a quick snippet from a recent conference call I was on: CLIENT: “So, I know you’ve been working on our project on out of scope items.  As we process that change order… we’d like for you to split it up and process it as two…. the first one for the immediate activities and the second one for the future work.” US: “So, if I understand correctly, you need to postpone the portion of the change order we’ve been working on for A YEAR to get some emergency work […]
why project managers are like coffee makers

Why Project Managers Are Like Coffee Makers

Bradley here, with a little observation for you… So, there I am walking into the kitchen with my eyes still at half-mast, groping for the water container that attaches to our coffee maker… I’m doing my best to keep quiet since the house is still asleep this early in the morning, and I gingerly proceed to make the morning chemistry. Step 1: Put water into reservoir (check) Step 2: Put filter into bowl (check) Step 3: Put coffee grounds into filter (check) Step 4: Assemble coffee maker (check) Step 5: Turn on coffee maker (check) Step 6: Wait 1:30 for […]