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Why I Don't Follow Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

Why I Don’t Follow Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Are you staring at the Kool-Aid waiting for Hale Bop to Come By?

Have you been duped into the nonscense of Maslow’s Needs Triangle Something?

Hate thinking for yourself?

I saw it come across LinkedIn earlier today – a congratulatory statement of how proud the leadership at a national firm was for the 6th graduating class of their internal leadership program…

So – someone needs to take this on straight up…

Get ready to be offended – shocked – disapppointed or feeling duped.

First… did you realize that Maslow as an athiest and ALL of this teachings and findings eliminate God.

That’s right… following his scheme, we’d all have a job that allowed us to “self actualize” which means we can be who we were created to be…

Well, I have some tough medicine for you… we are all sinful (not the do-good, wanna get it right every time). ¬†Want some quick examples of “self actualizing” going the wrong way?

1. Why is it that when we give employees the freedom to work an alternative works schedule (say 4 9s and a half day Friday) that they only work about 7 hours Monday thru Friday and about 2 hours on Friday.

2. Why do we mandate quality control?

3. Why do we hire auditors?

4. Why do we have closed door meetings talking about poor treatment of employees.

That’s because we’ve allowed our companies to be taken over by yellow-bellied athiests that think we are genuinely good inside.

Because of this warped sense of management (let alone leadership), I and other project recovery specialists have to come in and untangle the web of lies or shenanegans.

I hope that you get a chance to rethink Maslow’s theory and adopt a more Reganesque outlook… trust but verify and hold one another accountable with a program that identifies our own temptations.

Here’s to destroying leadership myths!


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