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Do Not Use This Power For Evil

Don’t Use This Power For Evil

It was a crisp Bay Area Saturday morning, the dew was still on the grass and an ocean breeze was coming in off shore steady as we snuck down to the field – our pockets packed full for an adventure this second grader will never forget!

Just moments earlier, my brother had convinced me to steal my mom’s keys from her purse, unlock the car door and turn the key to “accessories”.

That’s when the pyromania began.

Two knuckle-heads in our parents car trying to light Kleenex on fire with a cigarette lighter.  We mastered the light and extinguish after about 20 attempts… now it was time for the Big Kahuna!

Again – my brother’s patsy – I snuck mom’s keys back in her purse and grabbed both my brother’s and my own magnifying glasses and crammed more tissues in my pockets.  ‘Cause it was time to venture to the end of the block into field of dry grass!

Don’t get ahead of me…

We started our little pyro escapade in very small section – cleared it away and drug in sticks and grass to build tiny fires… you know… like dad did when we we were camping (only this time with a magnifying glass).

We’d start one  – then quickly put it out!  (the adrenalin rush was out of this world)

Then, we’d do it again.

And again.

Until the 5th or 6th time – when all hell broke loose!

The wind picked up and the tiny itsy bitsy flame turned into an inferno the size of my mom’s car…

We stomped on it.

We spit on it.

Dare I say it… we peed on it!

After the longest 2 to 3 minutes of my life – we had it out…. a black patch the size of my living room! And the two of us standing in the middle with our zippers down and our shoes black.

As I think back on that story, I realize I did things that I would never do if I were sane and rational.

I let my brother use me as a patsy.

I stole stuff from my mom.

And… most interestingly – I exposed myself to whomever was going by as I tried to pee on the fire!

The more I think about it – the more I realize “the fear of loss” makes you do crazy things.  And, it’s one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

In fact, I’ll bet you can trace some silly project decisions all the way back to the fear of loss.

The fear of looking like an idiot.

The fear of upsetting your boss.

The fear of looking like schedules don’t matter.

But, do you realize there’s a simple antidote to all this fear?


If you were to set out every project with a set of core values and then challenge your decisions with those core values – the chaos would turn into a whisper and you’d have the power to stay sane and rational.

To get this kind of project leadership training or coaching – hit me up at the number above or an email to [email protected] and we can get you started right now!

Talk soon,


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