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Harsh Criticism - Makes You Stronger?

Harsh Criticism – Makes You Stronger?

Here’s a rant for you lily-livered “managers”…

Okay… let me paint a little picture for you…

It’s annual review time and you’ve got a fledgling team that has promise..

It has the technical skill to the get the job done…

But – it’s missing a few critical pieces…

It’s missing predictable habits: You know, that stuff that makes it easy to work as a team?  Hitting deadlines, clearly communicating, and taking responsiblity for your role and reactions?


It’s missing solid character:  That special stuff that oozes out when the going gets tough.  The commitment to carry on and do the right thing no matter what…

BUT – even with this stuff missing – your team can operate in the mediocre realm.

So it has been.

Not because it can’t be great, but because the “manager” is being too lazy to make it great!  Too scared to make staffing adjustments.  Too chicken to  dish out constructive criticism.

And – do you know who suffers?

Yep – you guessed it… EVERYONE!

So – today – I’m giving you license to lean into the problem and call it out for what it is!

Help your teammate – tell them when their actions aren’t adding value to the team. Help them get better.  If you don’t – then when you really need to talk – it’s gonna be like revealing a 10-year old secret and their gonna feel horrible!

Help your client – build a rock solid team that can carry out the mission even without you as a leader.  Because one day – you’re not going to be available to “control” everything.  In fact – that should be your challenge… to build a team with which you don’t have to be around to control.

Help yourself – that’s right… a little selfishness here.  But, I gotta tell you it’s a whole lot of fun to lead a high performing team.  One that slays dragons everyday.  One that sees challenges as opportunities to shine!  It can happen and will happen when you grow a backbone to do the right thing!

More rant tomorrrow?  Don’t know!


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