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I Don't Want To Survive I Want To Live

“I Don’t Want To Survive, I Want To Live.”

Do you feel like you’re simply hanging on by a thread?

In the critically acclaimed movie ’12 Years A Slave’ we hear this famous quote “I don’t want to survive. I want to live.” – direct from Solomon Northrup’s 1853 book.

It is said that Solomon believed changing to adapt to current conditions was dishonest and that this story begs for honesty.

Like this book – I think our entire industry begs for honesty.  And, unfortunately in some cases that honesty is going to hurt some egos along the way.

No matter how you slice it – integrity in every business matters and in our business – a lack of integrity could mean the difference between life and death.

In a meeting yesterday I heard about another consultant in our industry that made a mistake on their plans.

The mistake included getting the foundation information incorrect.  While this seemed like a silly mistake and one that could be corrected in the field with a competent contractor and savvy construction manager – the design firm was so afraid of being found out….

…they did the UNTHINKABLE!

They tried to get out the field before the construction manager and cover it up.

Why does this happen in our industry?  Why are others willing to put lives at risk?

It’s simple really – opportunity meets need without opposition.

I know that over simplifies it, but I have a good friend Chuck Gallagher that did time for a mistake similar to this (in a completely different industry).  And he put it best…

“Even good people, raised in good homes are tempted beyond comprehension. And, when their needs are met with a unique opportunity, their logic will not win out.”

So, how do we avoid this?  A comprehensive leadership development program that focuses on the people and the systems needed to product others from our (sometimes) bad judgement.  You can get that system by calling the number at the top of my page.


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