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Being Like United - Kicking People Off The Plane

Being Like United – Kicking People Off The Plane…

When was the last time you were kicked off a plane?

Out of a store?

Off a project?

Probably never….

And – after watching the media and late night talk melee over the United debackle, we can see why!

When our own personal initiatives get in the way of paying clients and customers – we’ve lost our way.

While, I’m here to say that not every customer is always right – we should at least be focused on providing service and solutions to their problems.

And… it is sometime necessary to fire some of your worst bosses, clients and customers – this really should only be the nuclear option.

To avoid knee jerk reactions or acts of poor judgement is almost futile… after all – we’re not all wired to hand out lollypops and rainbows everyday (me included)….

But – there’s a way to start that’s unlike the typical approach….

If you start with core values and a mission you’re headed in the right direction….and I’m certain that

if you’re not saying “knock it off Bradley – all this big picture fluffy crap is too much for me to take.”

The next persona to read this will be!

But – let’s take it a step further…. let’s assume BEFORE you took on an assigment you developed a set of core values and established a mission statement… then you’d know:

+ why you’re doing battle for your team and client
+ what you see as acceptable behavior by you and your client
+ how to work through conflict with respect and dignity
+ what clients to continue to serve and which to throw overboard

Now… the next time you want to manually eject one of your passengers, you’ll at least have a rational reason “why?”.

It’s about project leadership – not just management!

Talk soon,


PS:  To get project leadership training in your organization, just dial the number and get started today.  After all – you don’t want your team pitch your favorite client overboard unnecessarily do you?

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