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all project managers are tools

All Project Managers Are Tools…

So, you wanna be the best project manager on the planet?

You wanna make a real difference for your team and client?

Then stop being a project manager – right now!

Let me tell you a little story about a simple proposal kickoff meeting I had this week…

We had the discipline leads on the phone.

We had a solid discussion of the technical challenges of the project.

We had a long back and forth about the scope and potential fee for the project…

Then – at the end of the hour long (too long in my humble opinion) death march to the proposal deadline – I got a chance to ask a single question…

“What one thing sets us apart from everyone else and gives the City the value they’re really looking for?”

You see – there’s a HUGE difference between being a project manager and a project LEADER!

A project manager is a tool in the system to deliver – on time / within spec results….

A project manager is a tool used to monitor and control pre-defined processes

A project manager is a tool that studied some sort of “by the book” PMP course and all of a sudden they believe their “all that and a bag of chips”…

But – a project leader is a LEADER that…

Casts a vision for the project

Decides upon the experience of the entire team to get to the goal

Finds some tool to monitor and control the process

Delivers value – a strong team & a set of core values that guide ALL the activities of the team.

So… what are you?  A tool or a LEADER?

Today’s a great day to do things different,


PS:  More irreverence coming tomorrow.

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