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QuiVR – Ego vs Leadership

Last night was ‘date night’ with our kids…

Let me explain – about 4 years ago my wife and I decided to spend a little quality time with our daughters.  We split the girls up and pair up (one kid to one parent) and go out on ‘dates’ with them.  We rotate kids every other ‘date’.

This gives them time to spend alone with me…where I do my best to show them how gentlemen treat ladies (doors openned, planned evenings, their choices in meals, etc, etc.).  And, it gives my wife one-on-one time to talk girl stuff.

Anyway… last night I took my 15-year old to play virtual reality video games… a brand new experience for both of us.  And wow – did I (and she) have a lot to learn!

I could have been overwhelmed by the new controls – the new environment and the new way of scoring…. but we worked as a team instead.

It was really interesting how the hour progressed:

+ we knew nothing

+ she figured out how to handle the weapons and shared that information with me

+ I figured out how to move around and shared that with her

+ We sorted out a strategy together

+ We went into operational mode (shoot, move, accomplish)

It got to be routine real fast – but it was about parking our egos at the door and working with each other to accomplish a common goal – a shared purpose.

Without the purpose we would have been two people using new technology and it wouldn’t have been nearly that much fun!

As we were getting through all this, I noticed how much it resembles new projects with new clients and new team members.

It can be an awkward dance in the beginning – but with patience and perserverence you can make it a waltz.

It just takes a shared purpose!

What do you have to do on your current projects to make them a waltz?

Talk soon,


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