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how a simple cartoon saved the day

How A Simple Cartoon Saved The Day…

When was the last time your client praised you for an effective meeting?

“Wow! We got so much done today…we should take the rest of the day off!” – J.Z. (client)


Here’s how it went down for our team today…

The three of us entered City Hall for a politically charged and exciting project to do battle over work windows – utility relocations & accomodations for pedestrian traffic around a high profile and critically important project.

As we entered the gauntlet – the stakes where high…

We needed details.

We needed commitments.

We needed cooperation.

As we got settled – the leader passed out a single document… a cartoon of the site.

Nothing engineered.

Nothing precise.

A simple graphic designed specifically to communicate the highlights of the project and eliminate the opportunities to be distracted by ridiculous details.

That one ‘cartoon’ educated the new comers to the project.

That one ‘cartoon’ became the focal point for comments and questions.

That one ‘cartoon’ evolved into the liaison between 9 different opinions to reach some incredible conclusions.

At the end of the meeting our clients said “Wow! We got so much done today…we should take the rest of the day off!”

That’s right!  Our team earned an entire day’s value in 2 back-to-back meetings that lasted less than 2 hours!

As we finished that meeting – I got to thinking…

Shouldn’t every meeting have a leader that has enough foresight to know what tools can be used in a meeting to get to the heart of what’s most important?

What one thing should you be taking to your next meeting to be sure you earn as much value as I saw delivered today?

Hit reply and let me know!


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