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What Do You Mean Its Not About Me?

What Do You Mean It’s Not About Me?

Would it surprise you if I don’t care about:

+ your resume

+ your education

+ your brilliant mind

+ the clever ideas you have

IF we’re trying to land the next project!

Leadership means knowing the difference between what matters and egocentric nonscense.  And, as were were just preparing for a couple multi-million dollar interviews for the next round of projects – this big idea was underscored…

It’s not about you…

+ it’s about the client

+ it’s about the results the client wants

+ it’s about how those results make the client feel


+ if you’re headed into an interview – then they’ve already had a chance to look at your resume and experience and realize that you’re qualified to the work.

But – what they don’t know is…

+ how you think on your feet

+ how you care about their success

+ how you’ve already delivered the results their looking for to their peers

+ what it might be like working with you face-to-face, in person and personally.

That’s right – the interview gives you a chance to expand on what they read and show them what they’ll be missing if they don’t pick you.

It gives you and your team to shine as the no-brainer solution to their biggest challenges, their needs, their wants and their desires.

On the next big push – if you need a coach or constructive feedback… hit me up at the number, I’m sure we can work it out!

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