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What Was Or What Could Be?

Simple question:

What has more value…

 + What was…


+ What could be?

The short answer?  What could be!

That’s why it’s imperative to work out your change order before you actually start the work.

Let’s take a quick look at this… let’s assume you’re designing a detention basin that’s designed to provide flood protection to an entire development – ensuring all the properties are outside the 100-year flood plain.

(based on a true story)

If you design the basin before the change order is negotiated… during the negotiation you’re bound to hear something like..

“I would have expected you to protect the local properties from the 100-year flood.  It should have been included in your original scope and fee… so – we’re only paying you your cost for the work.

and now… let’s imagine for a moment that you haven’t designed the detension basin yet…. and the client comes and asks for the extra work…

It goes something like this…

Client… “We were thinking… it might be easier to sell these lots if the owners realized they didn’t have to get additional flood protection insurance.

You…”That sounds like a great way to add value to the project and each parcel.  Because this appears to be an improvement and you’ll be sure to recover your costs – we’ve priced the work as an additional selling point for the properties.”

See the difference?!

It’s the difference between selling your work short or having the negotiation leverage to know that you should be compensated for the added value you and your team bring.

It’s the difference between managing your budget or leading the project.

Project leadership matters!

Talk soon,

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